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Mum says stripping for a living makes her a 'better parent' | Metro News mum strip

Margaret has been a house mom for 10 years. She spoke with Cosmo about what working in a strip club is really like.

A mum living near a road where residents have complained of prostitution and drug-taking says her year-old son has been offered sex and her daughter has been approached by 'men in cars'. Amy Daniel, 35, says she has had to explain to her daughters, aged 17 and 11, and sons.

When Kayla was still in primary school, she decided that she would do anything necessary to make sure that she and her beloved mum, Georgina, could look.

Reluctantly Mariah agrees to the strip joint, but only if she doesn't get Mariah is humiliated after her mum books six strippers to give her a lap.