My 10 year old has to write a poem for hw. I'm going to allow this. - Imgur - suck poem


Song: “Where the bee sucks, there suck I” by William Shakespeare | Poetry Foundation suck poem

Poison Ivy. I must admit, I always questioned your ability to reciprocate the love that I deserve. History has it that your charm and poison has a way of shinning.

Sucks poetry: Sometimes I hate poetry because people try to sound eloquent and sophisticated with their words. They tell some long drawn out story of how.

When Life Sucks by Mangesh one is lostIn the tangles of lifeInextricably messed up. Page.

I Suck At Poems A Poem By Michael Gettings I suck at poetry. Throw the words in an oven. Half the time. They don't even rhyme. Except for.