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What are the popular sour, sour fruits of Malaysia (part 2)? . To enjoy its juicy flesh to the fullest, just peel the skin and suck the juice. Buah mawang and asam .

The choices of Malaysian fruits is incredibly varied, with those native to the Just beneath this surface is the white fruit that is sweet, moist and sometimes a little sour. Its seeds are very bitter. so be sure not to accidently suck on them.

Mar 21, Explore NourWatie's board "Malaysian Fruit" on Pinterest. See more ideas Blimbing Wuluh, add to the dish to get a sour fresh taste. wati Nour.

- Dossier on Malaysian and other SE Asian fruits both common and unusual. The flesh is thick,clear,sweet or sweet-sour, thin-seed or seedless kenep fruit - green skin remove, suck on fleshy orange; once the seed is dried.