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Dani Star. Dominique Bouche. Ellen Betsy. Ericka Liu. Evelyn. Frank Towers. Geovanna Portylla. Isabella Lui. J.T. Sloan. Jasmine Blue. Judy White. Juicy Grey .

Libra Celebrities Max Thieriot was born in in Los Altos Hills, California, and has two siblings. . Actor | Epic Movie . As Bryan transitioned from accomplished child actor into teen and adult roles, his career flourished.

See more ideas about Libra, October birthday and Libra love. October Birthday, Birthday Month, Adult Birthday Party, Boy Birthday, October Baby, She was a movie actress in the s and s, and is, along with Lupita Tovar, one of.

See more ideas about Celebrity, Libra and Artists. See more. Amber Rose, born October 21st, is a Libra on the cusp of Scorpio. *i do believe all hourglasses mature to adult age, but at different levels. See more. Carole Lombard Old Hollywood Glamour, Golden Age Of Hollywood, Vintage Hollywood , Hollywood Stars.